The Original Cryptoloot Platform

CryptoLOOT COIN (cryp·to·lo͞ot· \ krip-ˈto-lo͞ot.)
Ticker: CYPT COIN an Ethereum Blockchain Token (ERC20)
A Coin for Crypto Miners, earn free coin now!
The platform includes the Cryptoloot mining system, the exchange, wallet system, and the marketplace. A token you can actually use.

Since 2017

The Original Crypto-Loot

Powered by Ethereum

Limited Supply


Crypto meaning "a secret", and Loot meaning "stash or reward"

CYPT is simply a crptocoin

That’s built atop and backed by the cryptocurryency giant Ethereum

easy payouts and transfers

Of mining earnings for current and future mining systems and applications.

CryptoLOOT Coin was

Created oringinally as a wallet exchange system for auto mining application


CryptoLOOT COIN (cryp·to·lo͞ot· \ krip-ˈto-lo͞ot.)

Get token Free

Mine with us or play games to unlock more loot

How Does CryptoLoot Work?


 Founded On Ethereum

Trasnactions are sent to and from using the Ethereum Blockchain


Direct To Wallet

Using a token wallet collect and trade CryptoLoot



Follow genuine data from etherplorer or other tools

Earn CryptoLoot tokens

Earn more tokens free from CryptoLoot

CryptoLOOT COIN (cryp·to·lo͞ot· \ krip-ˈto-lo͞ot.) Ticker: CYPT COIN

Ethereum Blockchain Token (ERC20) View Original White Paper Video

Mine for Free

Now anyone can Collect a token you can use in so many ways!

Play Games, Earn Token easy

Access to the dice game, monthly numbers games, daily faucet and more

New Platform Features

We are adding awesome things to the CryptoLOOT platform


US Token Holders from the release in 2017


Over 2 million tokens circulating the public


Secure on the Ethereum Blockchain


Days since the token has been live

New Is Good

See what is coming soon from the CryptoLOOT platform

Learn More

Interested in learning more? Read about the history of the token since 2017

Secured and Reliable, CryptoLoot is back!


Token Wallet Friendly

Still Here Today

Easy to use

Programmer speaks at 3rd Annual Blockahain Conference

What People Are Saying about Crypto-LOOT

I love how easy it was to start collecting and I even made my kids an account where they can hold their own tokens

Anna Brown

We are the first and only true Crypto-LOOT, despite the news of being only for mining I encourage you to try Crypto-LOOT, going strong since 2017

Jeremy D Higgs

I am the majority token holder and largest independent investor not affiliated with Crypto-LOOT. I welcome you to become an investor and join me 

Timothy Jackson

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